Ixtapa is 100 % Mexican. Our company was started over 30 years ago with a mission to grow, pack and export the best quality Mexican mangos for customers all over the world. We are very proud of our heritage and our ongoing responsibility to our people and local ecology. We work continuously to exceed international standards concerning social responsibility and the protection of the environment.

Our Profile

Empaque de Mangos del Pacífico S.A.


We pride ourselves on quality mangos of numerous varieties, for worldwide tastes. We grow exclusive varieties in our orchards and maintain close relationships with partner growers who can meet our exacting standads of hygine and quality.

Empaque de Mangos del Pacífico S.A.


We have 3 different mango packing operations (Canada, USA, Europe and rest of the World) which deliver exceptional quality whilst meeting international standards of hygiene for delivery to our customers.

Empaque de Mangos del Pacífico S.A.


For delivery our products to our Markets we use temperature controlled and monitored loads whilst using the most reliable carriers whether trailers or aircraft.

We have been exporting Mangos across the Globe
for 30 years..